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At Little Creators Nursery Unit we aim to promote the optimum overall development of each child through planned play experiences which reflect children's interests and curiosity in the world around them. In our cross-community, multicultural setting, we aspire to place "respect for all" as the cornerstone of our life with children, parents and the community.

Er. P.K Mishra,

Er. Kumar Ayush
Managing Director(Operation)


Our curriculum has been influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach which celebrates our children's depth of wonder and joy in the world and engages them and their families in this exploration. This educational philosophy views the child as strong and resourceful and it recognizes the worth, value and strengths of each child.
It provides a broad and balanced programme of challenging play activities and learning opportunities arising from both the children's interests and the learning intentions relevant to the six key areas of the Early Years Curriculum :

The Arts
Language Development
Early Mathematical Experiences
Personal Social and Emotional Development
Physical Development and Movement
The world Around Us

Although the curriculum reflects six discrete areas the learning is actually connected and integrated through a mainly project / topic approach. The topics are largely inspired by the children after staff observations and discussions. The staff become researchers and assist the children to construct their own knowledge through questioning, discovering, observing, investigating and playing inside Nursery and in our outside classroom.

We promote Lynn Staley's stance, "Teaching is not talking. Teaching is a guided discovery". The Reggio Emilia approach also helps us to recognize each child's individual learning style, skills and personal aptitudes. Visitors are invited into the classroom to reflect and highlight the interests and deepen the children's knowledge of the chosen topic. Where possible, trips into the community are planned to enable the children to investigate and observe the world around them. During the sessions the children will be engaged in child initiated play, small group work and whole class activities – tidy up time. Large circle time and story time. The process of learning will be documented in a variety of ways, through recorded observations, photographs, displays of work, topic booklets, individual special books and profiles.

Partnership with Parents

Our Nursery Unit prides itself on its positive and successful relationship with parents whom we recognize as the key educators of their child. Parents are invited to play a role in nursery that suits their situation, from providing intelligent materials for the art and design area, talking to children at Circle Time about their occupations or interests or to join us on a Nursery outing. Over the course of the year each parent is given an opportunity to join us for Circle Time and Story Time and this can be a very special experience for the child involved. Staff report to parents informally each day during parting time.

There are two parent teacher meetings held during the year. The first is before august when we review the child's settling-in and progress to date. The second meeting is towards the end of the second term November when we look closely at the children's achievements in the six areas of the curriculum. At the end of the third term March, we provide a written report for the pre-school child which has information for their P1 teacher and for the parents. We welcome and highly value parental observations and information from home and we work in partnership with parents for the benefit of the children.

Special Educational Need

Children with SEN are integrated into the Nursery taking into account what is appropriate for their individual needs.
As with all children, effective use is made of observations, which enable staff to make changes to the curriculum when necessary. When appropriate, staff and parents will get support from other professionals for example speech therapists, educational psychologists, health visitors and occupational therapists. Parents are informed of the involvement of other professionals before they see any child.

Child Protection Policy

Little Creators Nursery Unit has a caring ethos and the staff is committed to the care and welfare of the children. We have a Child Protection Policy which is given to all parents of the school at the time of admission. The policy informs the parents of the procedures and safeguards tb ensure that the nursery is a safe and secure environment for the children and the staff. All parents are informed about the procedures for toileting and the use of children's images is agreed with the parent when his/her child starts Nursery.

Healthy Eating

We run a buffet-snack where the child collects his/her healthy snack from the trolley. Your child will choose when he/she wants to leave his/her play for snack. The range of food .includes: crackers, bagels, breadsticks, fruit, raw vegetables and toast. Your child will have an opportunity to butter their own bread and to pour their own drink.

Practitioners are appropriately qualified and experienced, and the nursery actively encourages further staff training and development. All our carers are fully vetted and are trained, or are working towards Nursery practitioners attend regular First Aid, Child Protection and Food Hygiene courses. Everyone is encouraged to extend, improve and update their training and qualifications and keep up to date with developments and good practice in the Early Years Foundation.

Stage framework

Our carer-to-child ratios meet the requirements of yours and we ensure our staff have time to provide the attention each child needs.
0 to 2 year olds: 1 carer to 5 children
2 to 3 year olds: 1 carer to 8 children
3 to 5 year olds : 1 carer to 12 children


We are proud of our happy, professional team of nursery practitioners, all of whom have been chosen for their ability and commitment to care for and nurture young children.

Building Partnerships With Parents

Parents are a vital part of our team and we believe building a mutually trusting, supportive relationship with you makes a real difference to your child's development and wellbeing.

We work hard to promote a happy and harmonious relationship with both children and parents as we recognise that the best childcare is achieved through close co-operation with the family. A successful partnership with parents is based on the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise. When a child joins us, they are allocated a key person who becomes their primary carer whilst at The little creators, and with whom they, and their family, will build a secure relationship ensuring all feel included, secure, valued and welcome in the nursery. Access to your child's learning journey is encouraged at any time and regular newsletters keep you up to date with news aboutthe nursery plus there are two parents' evenings per year, where you are encouraged to contribute. We're always here to listen to your comments, sharing our insights and learning from yours.

Being Healthy and Staying Safe

Your child's safety and wellbeing are our first priority. Our carefully planned environment helps to ensure that the facilities at The little creators meet the needs of active young children.

Nowhere is this more important than ensuring the security of the environment. We have exceptional standards, with a strict door policy and a CCTV system to support our staffs own vigilance. Qualified First Aiders are present in at all times, and our highly-skilled staff are trained in proper hygiene practice. We also teach children simple ways they can help take care of themselves. Little lessons, like washing their hands, blowing their noses, getting exercise and looking after their friends are important building blocks that help them think about how they and others can stay safe and healthy. We request parents, growing children need good food, so plz. provide your child with fresh, lots of nutrients meals. For that we provide a food chart and request you to adhere to that.

Make Positive Contributions

At The little creators was focus on fun, creativity and activities which get children thinking for themselves. We encourage them to make decisions and share ideas, letting their imaginations and interests take the lead.

We also try to make children feel part of a community, nurturing the social and organisational skills they need to become well-balanced communicative ground-ups. Small responsibilities like helping to plan excursions, listening properly and asking questions form good habits, while charitable activities create awareness of other people's lives.

Activities that Inspire

We provide a variety of activities for the children to enjoy and support them in their development.

Apart from their physical skills, Children learn language, communication, problem solving numeracy and they learn about working together in their personal, social and emotional development. They are creative and imaginative in their activities and they learn about the environment, time and different cultures to develop an understanding of the world about them. Yoga, Music, Gardening, dance and drama and just some of the extra curriculum activities the children can participate in as they wish.

Principles that matter

At The LCN we operate under the following important principles, to ensure quality and continuity of care

Statement of care

We are dedicated to providing high quality children, which offers each individual child a safe, secure and caring environment. we provide a comprehensive range of stimulating and purposeful opportunities and experiences that allows each child to explore and pursue their own interests and goals to promote and enhance all aspects of their individual development


We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity. Accordingly our policies for admission into the nursery are designed to ensure that no child receives less favorable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national religions, disability or sex.


We believe in the inclusion of all children and parents regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national religions, disability sex or anti-social behavior will continue within the nursery with individual behavior management strategies being put into operation as set out in our managing behavior policy.


Welcome to little creators Nursery and Play school.

L.C. is a popular nursery and play school for children aged 2 - 5 years. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with a range of special isms that enhance children's early play, learning and development. Every professional within the setting regularly obtains professional development, enabling a dynamic and current practice of teaching and assessment that ensures a solid foundation for every child's earliest years and provides a desire for life long learning experiences.

Here at L.C., we know it is important to be guided by our values - and in partnership with you what we believe is best for your child. Everything we do is based on a solid foundation of theory and research and what we infinitely know works well for children in their early years.

Children learn best through play. L.C. Community Nursery and Playschool firmly believe that essentially we all do whether as a child or as an adult. Through playa child will explore and experiment and engage in endless possibilities. Through playa child will learn the art of friendships and social interactions, share ideas and work alongside others and as part of a team. These are the building blocks that every child needs, to bring their own skill base into the adult world and provide for their own future wellbeing.

At L.C. Community Nursery and Playschool we bring a world of endless possibilities through the art of play, ensuring your child has a happy and successful start to their life long learning experiences.


Being two is not easy. You are beginning to tryout your independence and widen your experiences by having a go at things you have not tried out before. You want to be respected for the growing personality and person you are becoming. Being two still means you need to know they are trusted, caring people nearby who will help you regulate the feelings and needs that you have. Being two means you have lots of energy. Here at L.C. Community Nursery and Playschool the environment has been designed with two year olds in mind. Firstly the. environment ensures that two year olds feel secure and know that they can find security in being able to return to their favourite parts of the indoor space and still see familiar objects and equipment around them until they develop a sense of exploration and small changes to their environment. This is achieved through the adult/child relationship. When our two year olds are ready for new and exciting changes however large or small to the environment then the adult will foster a sense of surprise allowing for imagination and creativity within the immediate setting and surroundings.


The three year old continues to have a drive to explore and investigate. They are becoming compete communicators and therefore will need a challenging and well presented framework for play and learning. Here at L.C. Nursery and Playschool we nurture this developmental stage by providing playful opportunities in response to the child's Interests and imagination. The setting is filled with opportunities to role play, paint, draw, experiment, be independent, become confident and socially interactive, use ICT and other media and use the arts as part of challenging their creative spirit. Staff will also interweave provocations for learning that challenge a child's thinking and enable them to make sense of and develop further understanding of a subject or enquiry. Nevertheless lets not forget that being three there is still a lot to learn as he or she is only just beginning to understand the emotions they are feeling. Therefore the setting again ensures a familiar staff team is available and the adults around your child will help them to work out and work through these emotions with support, kindness and compassion.


The enquiring mind of the four year old means that every child is supported and challenged by giving further opportunities to scaffold their learning. We will help strengthen their cognitive development by pursuing their unique pathways ensuring that we tune into what they find interesting and intriguing. Staff use this information to provide for purposeful play and learning opportunities ensuring that a balance of child initiated play and focused learning provides for exciting and captivating experiences. As our children near the age of transferring to school there is a lot of emphasis on preparing for reception class. It is important that every child has the time to feel emotionally ready to take the next step into formal education. We have built extremely good relationships with many of the schools our children go on to attend. This enables us to frequently visit each school in the last term of a child's time with us. We enjoy having frequent visits from reception class teachers who spend time within the familiarity of our setting getting to know each of the children who will go on to attend their class. We also at this time ensure you as parents and carers have the opportunity to discuss any concerns, fears or worries you may have about your child starting school. We do this by holding formal and informal parents/carers information events.


Little Creators Nursery and Playschool wholeheartedly believe that one of the most essential things for every child is being out and about. Whether this be part of our forest school, beach school and farm school programme, exploring our local community, or in the garden every child every day will get the opportunity to explore the awe and wonder of the natural outdoors and wider world. Through the wonders of outdoors every child will be given the opportunity to be creative, problem solve, take risks, design and build, challenge themselves to develop new skills, use materials found in the outdoors to mark make and above all have a sense of fun, enjoyment and playfulness. We firmly believe that outdoors is where many children are able to freely express themselves, regulate their own desire to learn and use this learning to reinforce the developing mind.


Having someone who understands the trials and tribulations of being under five is really important. Our staff are practiced in the art of providing a patient, caring and understanding relationship for all children. We know it is important not only to understand what is going on developmentally but also to support every child when they are feeling anxious, scared or worried. We also know that it is important for familiar staff to be present when attending the setting so secure trusting bonds can occur. We are an inclusive setting. We believe that it is good for everyone when children with additional needs are able to access our provision. It is the right of children to feel valued and appreciated in order for them to develop a positive identity. L.C. Nursery and Play school will ensure every child has a sense of belonging the setting by valuing the diversity and individuality that each child brings with them.


First days can be an anxious time for both children and parent/carer. The more you talk about attending the setting, the easier it will be. Walk past it so your child knows where it is, tell your child what they will be doing when they are there. Before your child starts ensure you arrange a visit so that you can speak with staff and ask any relevant questions that you may have. If your child isn't used to being apart from you it can take a little time for your child to settle depending upon how many sessions your child has. Children have no concept of time and will not understand that you may only be apart for a short time. You may feel that tears mean your

child is unhappy at nursery but, usually, the opposite is the case. The tears are at times just for you. Children soon stop crying once you have left the setting as they become occupied with activities and others around them. Your child will be continually supported by staff enabling them to know that there is somebody who understands how they feel and is there to support their needs. However, do not be surprised if your child cries when they see you again! If you are concerned you are welcome to call the setting to check your child is ok throughout the session or day.


At Little Creators Nursery will provide a pair of school dress. Please provide spare clothes and label with your child's name. There will be a P.E. bag on your child's name. there will be a P.E. bag on your child's peg where spare clothes that you provide can be kept. Nappies etc. can also be stored here.


At times throughout the day children become tired and need a comfortable space to rest or sleep. Children are able to snuggle down with cushions and blankets and are frequently monitored to ensure safe sleep procedures are follows.


Parents and Carers are the most important people in a child's life. Little Creators Nursery and, Playschool recognise that as such you are experts on your child. Therefore within this partnership of encouraging early learning and development for your child we will regularly consult with you about your child's progress, interests and developments whilst attending the setting.

We also arrange parent/carer involvement sessions, that cover specific characteristics and effective ways for your child to learn and community based information events inviting wider family members to be part of. 'Children's learning and development are fostered if the well-being of their family and community is supported ... and if there is a strong connection and consistency among all the aspects of the child's world,' (Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum).

We support every child as a unique individual and in partnership with you, help your child to grow up feeling confident in themselves and to embrace all the opportunities that the wider world has to offer.