Our upcoming franchisee school: Atleast 2 schools in all district of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Nepal.

Be our Franchise

Childcare programmes such as play schools, preschools or pre-primary schools bring forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunities. Owning and operating a play school franchise or preschool franchise doesn't require any technical qualification or past experience. In fact, preschool is all about teaching young children by reaching to their world where they always love to be. Neither does it involve investing huge sums of money nor has it extended break-even periods

Little Creators Play School Advantage

We have been recognized as an innovative organization, dedicated to developing the most exclusive, educationally inclined and planned play school programme. Our brand is the most exclusive pre-school brand in the nation. Our network has branches (100+) across the nation & we are fast emerging as the preferred pre-school for most information-oriented parents.

Why Preschool?
Low investment and capex.
Quick breakeven and ROI.
No need of any technical qualification and past experience.
Requires only few hours of the day.
Owning and operating is easy.
Easy to setup with the assistance with Little Creators Play School
Multi-Layer Support System
Little Creators Play School has carved a niche for itself in a very short span of time with unique pedagogy updated curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, scientific and advanced study material as well as play and learn equipment.

We have created a franchise support system that will assist you with every conceivable issue that may arise in setting-up or running a Little Creators Play School branch.

Two new feathers in the cap now are prismart-smart classes and Speak-o-kit the Speaking Books.

Interior/Exterior Support
Modification in existing building.
Customized design and availability of furniture.
Site visit, selection and construction plan.
An interior designing manual (for example-wall, ceiling, furniture, floor etc.)
Technical & Training Support
Training at City/State/school level without any cost.
Providing all Curriculum/Training manuals.
Recruitment and interview support, regular training and PCP's.
Letters, Mailers and CDs for day-to-day working assistance.
Marketing & Advertisement Support
Event-Support for occasions such as annual day show, Sports day, Kids Carnival etc.
Organising Seminars, Business fair and presentation.
Guidelines for inauguration and launching of school.
Timely visits by our support staff.
Support by way of Correspondence.
Design planning conceptualization and implementation for local advertisement.
Nationwide advertisement in print and electronic media.
Promotion on social channels like Google AdWords, Facebook, Gmail etc.
Research & Development
Curriculum & Activities.
Latest industry updates.
Competitive Strategy Development
Above all, setting up a profitable organisation that provides quality education

Unique Initiatives

Speak-o-kit: Little Creators Play School has always believed in activity based learning along with the latest activity taking a further stride. we have introduced Speak-o-pen The talking buddy. Speak-o-pen is not only outstanding tech toy but also is an educational tool par excellence. It's a unique teaching/learning tool and it covers an entire curriculum of Little Creators Play School at all levels.

Our Requirements
Minimum 2500 + Sq ft. carpet area on ground floor.
An initial investment of 12-15 lakh (as per city and location).
Qualified manpower willing to excel in the education sector.
Comprehensive training programs for each level-director, counsellor and teacher which will help in operating Little Creators Play School and implementing our business model and curriculum.
For details discussion, you can speak to our franchise manager at 981143700 or mail us at franchise@Little Creators Play Schoolglobal.com

Our Futuristic Project

Continuing with our effort of providing quality education, we have ventured into the senior secondary segment (10+12) of schooling Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) has been set up with the vision of nurturing achievers and leaders for the future.

100+ Schools Nationwide.
CBSE Curriculum.
Our own books.
Expertise on everything.
E-learning Solution based on our publications through Prismart.
Multi-layer Support System: Pre-inauguration, inauguration and support on a day-to-day basis.
Set-up Marketing, Social Media, Publication/Editorial, continuous research and development Advertisement, Technical Training and Recruitment Support.

For details, please visit littlecreatorsindia.com

General Terms and Conditions

Non-Refundable Franchisee fees (varies as per Location).
20% AESC is to be paid from monthly collection.
No other LITTLE CREATORS PLAY SCHOOL school will be established in 3 K.M. of your area.
Agreement will be for five years (initially).
All transactions shall be made in favour of "Little Creators Play School. "
Taxes as per the Government policy & subject to change